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Transform your guitar skills online

With no travelling involved and more flexible scheduling, learning online is perfect for anyone with a busy lifestyle.

All students can learn from the comfort of their own home or anywhere with a solid WI-FI signal, we teach students from all over the UK and Europe.

Over the years we have taught students with varying abilities, and we can help anyone, no matter what your musical dreams.

Our 4 study options

All online students have the choice of multiple study options that will keep you entertained, whatever your level is, we are here to help.

1-2-1 Online guitar lessons

Experienced online guitar teachers

Our guitar lessons are 100% live & interactive and not pre-recorded videos. Students learn in a professional environment 1-2-1 with a fully qualified and experienced guitar/music teacher.

We aim to inspire confidence in every student, with both expert feedback and structure, you will learn what interests you on the guitar, and have fun along the way.

Book your FREE taster lesson

Find out first hand exactly what we have to offer, but more importantly, how we can help you with a free online introductory lesson.

Lessons with a personal vibe

Student support

Students always feel connected with us, as we are only a message away, we pride ourselves upon supporting all of our students and everyone has the option to reach out to us, so they can keep their guitar functioning between lessons.